Monday, August 8, 2016

Being a shopaholic

Hey Queens,

Today I come to you guys with a serious topic, my shopping addiction. Ever since I could remember I've been in love with the fabrics and textiles of different pieces on the fashion market. But, I could never actually get every little thing I wanted because I didn't have a direct source of income besides my parents and little part time jobs. Until, my 18th birthday when I finally found a full time job that works with my school career.. Blogging and Depop. Obviously you guys know how blogging works, I'm talking to you guys right now from my blog. Depop however, allowed me to sell clothing I no longer wore for cash. This was easy, my parents bought me clothing, I would wear said clothing once or twice, and then I would sell it online. Now, depop wasn't my first rodeo.... I've been selling things online since Myspace and Ebay days.... since I was around 11 years old. (side note) I'm a millennial, technology is my best friend. Anyway, once Depop and Blogging entered my life I saved my money and bought my first high end designer bag, and no I'm not talking about Coach, Michael Kors, or the dreadful Dooney and Bourke.. I bought a second hand Louis Vuitton speedy from fashion phile that I still have today. But basically ever since then I feel like every day I need to buy something or I feel empty inside. I get a certain feeling of fulfillment every time I get something new... I'll keep you guys updated on my shopaholic struggles if you want.

See you soon.
Xoxo, Shirine Rouhi

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