Monday, April 25, 2016

Choosing a new college...

Hey Queens,

So as most of you know I recently graduated with my Associates degree in Fashion Merchandising at MIU (If you want a video on my complete review of the school let me know). I know that I want to get my bachelors degree but I'm still not 100% on what I want it in. I've been thinking about transferring in the fall to FSU or a fashion school in New York to finish my bachelors degree in merchandising in 2018. But I've also been thinking about applying to the school that my boyfriend goes to so we don't have to do long distance anymore.... because ldr's are really difficult. But, then I was thinking about myself and I realized that the only reason I didn't go to school in NYC for merchandising is because of my relationship... Recently I've been pretty down about school. Sure moving to Miami and living with roommates was an important life lesson  (I'll get more into this in a storytime video) but, it wasn't NY.  I'm actually from NY, born and raised, well I moved to Florida at 14 but still. I'm a valley girl from Long Island, lol. The only two places I could ever see myself living today is NY or California, the south just is not for me.

What I'm trying to say is even if you love someone so much, don't put for dreams aside for anyone. Sure I'm applying to the school my boyfriend goes to but I'm honestly only applying as a backup plan if I don't get into the schools I want to go to in NYC. I love my boyfriend so much, but if we don't work out I completely understand... That'll probably be God saying that this isn't the right time for us... remember we're both only in our 20's.... But, all I know is I'm going to try my very best to go to school in NYC this fall and continue to follow my dreams.

I really hope this helped someone struggling with a situation similar to this.

See you soon.
Xoxo, Queen Shirine

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